Start now. Stand out. And shine in your new job.

With JobCoach in your pocket, you'll have all the tools needed to land your dream job. Just like a personal career coach, JobCoach gives you expert advice and easily manageable goals. It's the smartest, most efficient way to keep you on track and motivated.

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When you’re looking for a job, the task can sometimes seem insurmountable.  What if you had your own personal coach to give you tips, tricks, and encouragement along the way?

JobCoach helps you focus where you need help the most, shows you how to refine your search, and gives you expert advice to get your name to the top of the stack.  Learn new skills and brush up on tried-and-true techniques whenever you have a free moment – on the train, in line at the store, or waiting for an appointment.

Why JobCoach?

JobCoach is the first iPhone application to move your job search forward with 2-Minute To-Do’s: manageable tasks for every step of the process.

  • Get current ideas, insights, and perspectives from a professional career coach
  • Stay on track with follow-up emails and relevant links
  • Get in-depth tips with JobCoach audio clips
  • Set weekly goals and stay motivated with progress tracking
  • Tailor your to do list to stay focused on areas where you could use the most guidance
  • Delve into the Library for direct guidance in any category: Career Direction, Materials, Applying, Connecting, and Interviewing

JobCoach makes the challenge of finding your next job seem less like climbing a mountain and more like a walk in the park!

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